A tasty high protein thick shake!

To help in adding protein to our diet along with taste, SmartValue has brought NOURISH Protein Rich for us. The objective to bring this product is to offer you taste along with health. A Powerful Health Punch which can be consumed anytime of the day to meet the daily requirement of Proteins.


NOURISH Protein Rich contains Isolated Soy Protein offering high quality easily digestible Protein with all essential Amino Acids. Isolated Soy Protein is especially rich in Branched Chain amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine), Arginine & Glutamine. These Amino Acids prevent tissue loss and help in muscle formation. Isolated Soy protein is lowest in fat in comparison to other Protein sources. Isolated Soy Protein prevents Heart Diseases and maintains Strong Bones.

NOURISH Protein Rich is a suitable drink for everyone especially for active people as it contains all essential Amino Acids required to gain muscles along with exercise supportive Vitamins & Minerals especially Chromium known for increasing lean muscles and for decreasing unhealthy fat. Active people require slightly extra amount of B Vitamins than normal people, NOURISH protein Rich helps in fulfilling this extra requirement of B Vitamins. Daily intake of NOURISH Protein Rich builds strong immune system, keeps body fit and in good shape along with exercise.

It makes a Tasty Thick Shake when mixed in a glass of milk. Thick shake gives a feel of fullness.

NOURISH Protein Rich is available in two refreshing and tasty flavours of Butterscotch and Chocolate.