A complete facial kit with the goodness of Noni. Naturally enriched to enhance your beauty inside out and to bring the best of you. This is one of the unique product unlocking the true potential of Noni Fruit. Its active bio ingredients make the facial kit even more effective and rejuvenate the skin from inside.

Noni Gold Cleanser
This creamy cleanser boosts radiance and brightens the texture level by deep cleansing the skin. It penetrates deep down to cleanse away all dirt and impurities from the skin surface, while maintaining the moisture balance too.

Noni Gold Scrub
Enriched with immensely rich properties, this delicate scrub penetrates deep into the skin, effectively exfoliates and detoxifies the face skin. It also provides radiance & softness.

Noni Gold Gel
This Gel improves blood circulation, restores smoothness and softness of face skin brings radiance and maintains elasticity without making the skin dry or rough.

Noni Gold Massage Cream
This massage cream nourishes the face tissues and helps to rebuild weakened areas by maintaining skin pH balance bringing youthfulness and radiance.

Noni Gold Face Pack
A unique brightening gold pack which reverses the oxidation damage to the inner layers by giving skin gold like radiance and a revitalizing effect with the acceleration of cell renewal. It protects the hairline with folded tissues.

Noni Gold Skin Serum
This Serum is the perfect vehicle for delivering all those nutrients and antioxidants deep into the skin. It creates a great line of defense against the pollution dirt.