Powered with technologically advanced Oxy Power for extra whiteness and anti-bacterial agents that sanitize clothes with every wash. Smart Wash Detergent Powder takes care of your clothes just like the way you would want to.

6 Reasons why Smart Wash is preferred

  • OXYGEN generating granules help getting rid of stubborn dirt and organic stains without having to use toxic and hazardous materials like chlorine bleach
  • Removes stains from cuffs and collars
  • Its unique composition prevents the dirt from re-settling on the clothes while washing
  • Soft Skin Protection
  • Pleasant and lasting perfume
  • Washing clothes with SMART WASH is really a smart way to keep dirt and stains away from your clothes


  • This technology successfully solves the problem of solubility of normal washing powder since the OXYGEN generating Granules immediately break in water and release active ingredients to achieve optimal cleaning efficacy
  • It also acts as anti-bacterial agent as it sanitizes the clothes during wash